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March 23 2018

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Where to Purchase High-Quality Signage

There are a plethora of sign shops that can custom make signs. Print shops have the capability to make large format banners, photographs, and signs with digital color. Those options are fine for temporary business use, but will not stand the test of time. Materials are often limited as well. Metal, wood, and paper are the common choices.

Signs That Last

For signs that are highly visible day or night, and will last for a long time, customers will want to check out a stencil and sign manufacturer in Northern California that has forty years of experience. Originally a business to business (B2B) manufacturer for paving and highway maintenance companies, the company expanded early on to include business signs, large format latex printing, and trade show graphics. Cutting machines on-site have the capacity to cut custom shapes, emblems, and lettering in sign foam, aluminum, PVC, high and low density plastics, acrylics, wood, and chemically treated metals.


Regulatory stencils for traffic control, highway and road repairs, or municipal lots comply with California DOT (Department of Transportation) regulations. All parking lot stencils comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations. These are perfect for paving companies, multiple dwelling complex property managers, and university maintenance crews. There is an extensive catalog of products available online.

Traffic Control Equipment Sales and Rentals

Another department of the company rents and sells traffic control equipment for permanent or temporary use. Temporary traffic lights, cones, arrow boards, barricades, and construction barriers are all available. A temporary california road sign that lets motorists know the speed limit up ahead is reduced to thirty miles per hour, for example, will prevent accidents and save lives. It also reduces the liability risks of the highway department, the municipality, or the construction company.

Sales online can be ordered from anywhere. Rentals are available in California within a certain vicinity to the manufacturer. All signs and barriers are designed to be high visibility for optimum safety, even at night or during inclement weather. Do not take unnecessary chances with the lives of employees, unsuspecting drivers, or expensive construction equipment. Rent more signs than needed and be extra careful rather than running out of signs and placing them to close to the actual work zone.

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